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Can I just take a minute here? Pain is not fuel. Pain is pain, and pain hurts. I have a debilitating joint disorder, and I can tell you right now that the pain I feel every day is not fuel. It's just pain. Quotes like this make me sick.

I just learn this now a days..

Learn to say "no" without explaining yourself. Ya, need to work on that - well, just on saying "no" in general at first :)

if you train hard you won't lose that much but if  you think it's a waste of time you will lose

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I've found when making life decisions my gut reaction or decision based on intuition is usually the right way to go.

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When it's time to workout, set BeastMode = 1 and get busy.

..and with THAT, I must go do some gardening!!  ;)

I have learned to love it when I sweat because that means I am burning calories and getting out all of the bad toxins in my body! - Pins For Your Health