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Many women celebrated the age of the flapper as a female declaration of independence. Experimentation with new looks, jobs, and lifestyles seemed liberating compared with the socially silenced woman in the Victorian Age. The flappers chose activities to please themselves, not a father or husband.

New rights and employment opportunities meant new fashion trends for women in the The ever-popular "flapper" trend exploded as dress hemlines moved above the ankles and femininity norms were challenged.


clef music note barbed wire fence birds tattoo This would make a really pretty tattoo, even the music note. I love the bird silhouette on the wires.

Definitely one of my favorite's from the 90's, the lead singer from the band Nirvana - Kurt Cobain

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Sometimes, I imagine life like a piano. The white keys represent happiness, while the black keys represent sadness. But as you go through life’s journey, remember that the black keys make music too.

Mary Louise Guinan—better known as "Texas" Guinan (1884-1933). Getting her big start in Vaudeville in 1909, Mary drifted into film by 1917.  First cast as a vamp, she quickly found her niche as a Western heroine and movie star, cranking out westerns for 6 years.  In 1922, tiring of the movies, she made her way to New York where she became an icon of the night club scene, intimate with movie stars, partnering with gangsters, she became so notorious as to be barred from entering England or…

Mary Louise Cecilia "Texas" Guinan (January 1884 – November was an American saloon keeper, silent actress, and entrepreneur. She was quite the feisty lady.