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I like the idea, but I want my signs to say "don't forget to flush", "aim carefully" and "wipe off the seat if you miss"... free printables for bathroom and bedrooms

FREE PRINTABLES FOR BATHROOM AND BEDROOMS....must have the I love you, no I love you for my little queenies room!!

Most people should be able to keep their own teeth during their life if they have good oral health..go see your dentist!!!

Teeth are very important. And this totally made my bad day soo much better!

Adorable Baby Brushing Teeth While Sitting in Sink

I remember asking someone why a certain person had bad hygiene and didn't take care of themselves- their reply? Oh it's just a PHASE. Being dirty is not a phase- it's being lazy, smelly, and uneducated. Don't be slobs- have a shower and change your clothes. Ew! Phase my ass helllloo

Giant teeth signboards for dentists. Where can I get something like these or the big gold tooth in the movie Greed?

Free Bathroom Printables from Megan Bray