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  • Pamela Perkins Donnelly

    Death Valley desert wildflowers

  • Perla Cardwell

    The Valley of Flowers in India is the reward you get after an eight hour hike in the Himalayas. Located in northern India’s state of Uttarakhand, this magical land (some say visited by fairies) is a display of nature in its most colorful form. 500 different varieties of wild flowers are casually spread over an area of 55 square miles (87.5 square kilometers), contrasting the delightful soberness of the mountainous background.

  • Andreas Jewelry

    San Luis Obispo wildflowers. I just found this photo and I actually grew up in the San Luis Obispo area. The wildflowers are blue lupines, orange California poppies and yellow mustard. The yellow mustard gets it's own festival every year in Napa, CA

  • Sue Powell

    Valley of Flowers National Park: Uttarakhand, India -- see whole series of beautiful colors of Nature at this site. Reminds me of the words to "How Great Thou Art"

  • Margie Manifold

    Landscape photograph of some hillsides near Bakersfield California splashed with bright colored spring wildflowers, orange California poppies, purple lupines, bright yellow mustard; nothing can be seen for miles in this beautiful landscape photo but brightly colored spring blooming wildflowers, breathtaking scenic view!

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California Wildflowers - owls clover, lupin, goldfields, popcorn flower, poppies and more!

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lulabox: flower | via Tumblr en We Heart It.

I planted assorted lupine March 31. It started coming up three days later!

Beautiful black and white pins today! Now let's add a little color. We will do meadows and fields for tonight and tomorrow.

Wyoming Indian Paintbrush wildflower

Ice flowers in Finland...

Stenocarpus sinuatus, known as the Firewheel Tree is an Australian rainforest tree in the Protea family.