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    How to Meet Your Protein Needs without Meat

    • Amanda Alexander

      The good and the bad of soy. Types to eat, types to completely avoid. This article is great!! Science based, nothing blown out of proportion. Wonderful. #weightloss #diet #health #cleaneating

    • Carla Golden Wellness

      However if you wish to eat soy, start with organic whole soy beans otherwise known as edamame. Nature made and packaged in its original state is preferable with any whole, real food. Soy beans have naturally high levels of phytic acid, enzyme inhibitors, and goitrogens so it is important to keep intake to a minimum.

    • PUSH Physical Theatre

      Soy: To Eat or Not To Eat. I have been concerned about soy consumption, but use it as part of my diet. In researching about safe levels of soy, I found this to be a good informative article.

    • Lotta Ygartua

      I believe that soy foods such as edamame, tofu, tempeh and soy milk are much more likely to help you than hurt you. Therefore, I recommend one to two servings per day, even to women with breast cancer.

    • Jenna Bowne

      This is a phenomenal article about Soy and if/when/how we should incorporate it into our healthy diets.

    • Manda Bees

      Why is soy bad for you? Become a soy expert in 3 minutes. #fitness #cleaneating #food

    • Claire Isabel

      A great website for healthy food info & recipes

    • Sandra Urquhart

      Fight cancer with healthy eating!

    • Monica Sands

      soy food - virgin diet

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