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43 Uses for Lemon Essential Oil + FB Giveaway

Cedarwood- Himalayan

Many of us are stronger than we may realize. Life can toss hardships at us but somehow we survive, we keep pressing forward. Himalayan Cedarwood was thought to be indestructible for centuries and thro

Spotlight On Essential Oils: Frankincense Oil

An in-depth look at frankincense oil, including uses to help health and mood. I also include 4 helpful blends. #beselfreliant

22 Amazing Benefits Of Clove Oil (Laung ka Tel)

10 Amazing Benefits Of Clove Oil: Pure clove oil maintains insulin levels in the blood and thus is useful help in diabetes

Essential Oils

20 Practical Uses For Lavender Essential Oil + a GIVEAWAY for a 5-mL bottle of YL Lavender oil | -- Lavender essential oil is truly the SWISS ARMY KNIFE of EOs. It has SO many uses and is indispensable to have around the home in first aid situations, not to mention its amazing calming effects. Even better, it's kid friendly! PIN NOW and READ LATER! #essentialoils #holistic #remedies #healthy #frugal #thrifty #diy

Homemade Headache Relief Salve

While I'm waiting for the things I'm doing to fix the problem I apply some of my favorite homemade headache salve to provide immediate, drug free, relief.