framed kids artwork in the kitchen. so pretty.

A cute and colorful dining room.

What an idea. A seat in the kitchen. It would be helpful, there is always someone in my kitchen, trying to talk to me. They'd have an out of the way place to sit while I worked (or vice versa). Or small children could be set to the side while doing such. Also, Love green and cream and white in this kitchen. Very country-home.

built-in banquette vinyl covered and family photos for art

Window seat

Breakfast Nook


nook.....I love this idea

Peaceful and pretty bedding #nsale

DIY Built-In-Fenster ... I think Mr ave Jordan could pull off making one of these if we had a nook, or in-window

Bench Breakfast Nook

ohhhh the breakfast booth, we love sitting in these nooks in restaurants, however the reality of having them in you home is a nightmare. getting in and out is a pain, kids make messes when they eat and having to take apart the bench cushions to clean all the crumbs and food that spills beneath them gets very old, very fast. don't even get me started on washing the floor under the table...

colorful breakfast nook

I love breakfast nooks!

DIY:: Cottage Style Decor- 16 Beautifully Simple Design Ideas !Love the bead board in a color. So often it's only shown in white.

Banquette seating for 10 at this family breakfast table #hgtvmagazine

I think we could pull off a built in like this in our dining room. Maybe not actually built-in, but something removable that looks like it. Would solve our chair problem.

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