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John Krasinski aka Jim Halpert. The standard against whom all worthy men will be judged. @JeanLuc18

gotta respect a man who looks nice all gussied up. almost pinned this to "nom nom nom" ...because seriously

my first reaction to this was, "oh. my. gosh." out loud and in a very awe-struck voice :)

Jim?! 0_o When did you get so attractive??

john krasinski... YUMMO!! I wish I could break me off a piece of THAT! don't tell Jon :-P

I will always have a celebrity crush on john krasinski ♥

Yes john krasinski just yes

How adorable is John Krasinsky?! Love him! (and Jim from the Office = Sweetest Character Ever!)

Dammit, Krasinski has amazing hair. One of the few actors who can pull off the 5 o'clock shadow w/o it looking… manicured and skeevy. Photo by: Carlos Serraro.

John Krasinski: Man Candy | Slow Like Honey