At the right time though. If what I'm saying is important do NOT shut me up, haha. I fall asleep,and its the best way,too-my head was made to fit on his chest,its my favorite place in the world...Ω

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(: loveee dis feeling! DONE!

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fall asleep for a nap in the middle of the day #bucketlist

Bucket list <3

Bucket List Item: ACCOMPLISHMENT PARTIALLY UNLOCKED. Continuing to work towards this as a more often occurance... Bucket List: Never stop having romantic dates under the stars with my wonderful hubby.

I love that I've done this one... and will continue to do this one. I love to cuddle on rainy days :)

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Yes but I would wan grow old with my best friends we have done so much together they are always there're are always they for me They are the sisters god forgot to give me and he probably knew our mom could not handle us as sisters so he made us BFFLs I wan grow lod with them and look back on fun memories

Bucket List.

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Your Bucket List.

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To the one God planned!


this WILL happen..I want to get down to about...85 maybe? I'm only have 10 pounds to go...