Measurement anchor chart and unit


free printable non standard measurement math activities using cubes, paperclips and sticks

First Grade Wow: This is a great blog for 1st grade. She has a ton of great ideas. Here are some fun measurement printables.

Measurement anchor chart

Anchor Chart Wall - one place - multiple charts on rings - allow children to look back and keeps the room clutter free of too many charts.

Measurement. Would be a good entry to add to math notebook too.

I Can Measure Anchor Charts (freebie)


Great anchor chart…plus more!


Metric Measuring

first grade fractions

How to say I'm sorry. This chart is great for teaching children how to say sorry and mean it.

Measurement Benchmarks


A day in first grade: Math, math, and more math

Great anchor chart... for the teacher

Work with students to come up with a kid-friendly definition for "citizenship". Chart the kid-friendly definition of the word and have your students illustrate things they can do to be good citizens. (This word chart example came from Kim Adsit.)

Measurement Anchor Charts