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  • fotoclasses

    Experiment with different perspectives and framing. Up high, down low, bird's eye view, up close and personal. Fill your frame, cut things in half, zoom in on details. Explore all the different techniques available to you when it comes to composition (rule of thirds, leading lines, texture, shape, color, cropping, focus etc). Try and create an image you haven't seen before. Learn more @ #fotoclasses #learn #photography #inspiration #christmas #holidays

  • Lori Moore

    Hard Light on a Snow Hill by Yukio Miki #japan #hokkaido #biei---Ever feel like the lone tree in the forrest?

  • △jen

    Winter Tree

  • ℱℳ

    Winter Wonderland ღ

  • Peggy Capotosto

    Christmas tree, before, on a snow hill :)

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