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Matching Linear Graph to Table to Linear Equation

Project: Graphing Linear Equations

Linear Equations Posters

"I have, who has" game while learning about linear equations.

Can your students recognize the graph of a linear function just by seeing the equation? If not, try this fun game of bingo. Use it to teach the parts of a y=mx+b equation, increase speed and accuracy, and increase confidence, all while having fun! Graphing Linear Equations BINGO contains 40 different student cards with 24 graphs, and 24 teacher calling cards all in y=mx+b form.

Matching Linear Equations with their Graphs

Linear vs. Non-Linear Equations (Foldable)

create a stained glass drawing by graphing linear equations

graph linear equations activity

Algebra: Graphing Linear Equations Activity - Slope Battle

Scatter Plot Activity for Algebra Linear Graphing Equations

Writing Linear Equations - Line Match & Collaboration Activity

Stain glass graphed linear equations

Linear equations scavenger hunt

Linear Equations Posters (FREE)

Animal Project - Graphing Linear Lines and Writing Linear Equations

Gone Fishin' with Linear Equations

So you have to teach Graphing Linear Equations?!Guided notes and Practice

Linear Equation Matching Activity

Linear equations drawing