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KSA016 Demigod

Uhhhh demigods can not use phones. . .<<<--- OMG. That's why cabin nine INVENTED monster-proof ones /).-*facepalm*

Sassy Reyna by on @deviantART..... Why does he have a bandaid on his face? WHO HURT MY PRECIOUS!

Castlevania Concept Art by Diego Gisbert Llorens

Kingdome under fire II / Demon

I'm Nobody's Sidekick it's rather funny that she says this cuz in the sea of monsters percy says he's Nobody at the cyclops so is she truly saying that she's Percy's sidekick or truly nobody's sidekick??

I imagine that the times we don't see/read about Percy, like in between books, he's just doing this. Being chased by some kind of monster and saying, "I'm fine!" Or "I can handle this!"

Gallery Books to publish an investigative book about Whitney Houston and Bobbi Kristina

I kept my eyes closed tight. "Get off them!" I shouted at Medusa. The sound of hissing became louder. Medusa was coming to me. I kept my bow aimed to the sound "Ah...yes, daughter of Aphrodite. Open your eyes for me..." Said Medusa. I started to open my eyes, but closed them back tight immediately. "No!" I shouted, and released an arrow. I had no idea where it went. I hoped it didn't get Pip or Leo.