• BenLena Froese

    modern christmas decor: longer sticks in various colours (white / silver / glitter to bounce lighting off), connect with wire or fishing line, hang from ceiling over stage.

  • Rosana Verde

    DIY Christmas trees ideas - Holidays Special Arranging Objects Can Be Creative and Fun!

  • clare eleanor

    painted driftwood xmas tree soooo cuteee cottage holiday festivities

  • Eden Epling

    paint sticks! Easy Holiday DIY

  • Catherine S.

    drift wood holidays.

  • Tybee Vacation Rentals

    Painted Driftwood Christmas Tree #beach #holiday #christmas #decor

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Lesson to help reinforce concept of volume. 5.MD.5 Relate volume to the operations of multiplication and addition and solve real world and mathematical problems involving volume. b. Apply the formulas V = l × w × h and V = b × h for rectangular prisms to find volumes of right rectangular prisms with whole-number edge lengths in the context of solving real world and mathematical problems.

Bunny prints

Use an old Baby Wipes container, hot glue or super glue a large Lego piece to the inside of the lid ...and you have a perfect Lego Travel Box

these tin cans are painted then have chalkboard paint on them... cheap and cute for classroom supplies

DIY Button Bookmarks How original are these button bookmarks! They look very cute and make it them is the easiest thing in the world.

The Best Part of Me Writing activity

homemade finger paints. Were fun to fingerpaint and easy to make but the paper curled up when they dried and cracked when I tried to flatten it.

tape out name and have the kids fingerpaint over it.

Paint that grows. pop paper in microwave for 30-45 seconds and watch the paint puff up and grow. Recipe: one cup of flour and mixed in 3 teaspoons of baking powder, 1 teaspoon of salt and enough water to make it the consistency of pancake batter. We divided our mix into four parts and put them into snack size Ziploc baggies along with some food coloring. Part of the fun was squishing it all around to mix up the colors!

Crayon bowl...fill with candy, a plant, etc.--cute gift for teacher

Ice Cream Dough: A totally New Sensory Play Recipe that looks and smells JUST like ice cream and is also moldable and super soft

christmas: sweater stockings

twig tree

silver spoon ornaments

Sideways, hung with chain

Outdoor sofa made from a pallet

DIY hammock seat

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Lots of great weaving ideas for different grade levels!

Glow in the dark art

Easy basil play dough recipe and other herbal play dough ideas!

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easy homemade stick wind chimes - happy hooligans

crayons in summer!!! Back yard art- fun to watch them melt

Some great elementary art projects.