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Oh the flamingo leg. I think most girls do this pose naturally for a few years. This is a pretty awesome picture.  I wonder where in Eastern Kentucky this was taken… cabinetofnaturalcuriosities: William Gedney, Three girls in kitchen, Kentucky, 1964

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Anonymous - Prologo

"Marijuana helped me feel something when I felt almost nothing, helped me block out feelings when I felt too much. In precisely the way it made things both blurrier and more vibrant, it allowed me to feel more and feel less.." -David Sheff


Paul Coghlin - Devour

Devour | From a unique collection of black and white photography at

Reminds me of the time when I cut open my head on a rock at my grandparent's farm, and after getting stitched up - went to the local soda fountain. (Many of you, I realize, do not know what a soda fountain is (was)...