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Two of my favorites combined! Strawberry infused vodka! Could probably do it with other fruits too.

Strawberry Infused Vodka

cucumber infused vodka

Cucumber Infused Vodka

Cucumber Infused Vodka 1 large English cucumber, peeled & seeded 750 ml vodka. Peel, seed & chop cucumbers and place in a seal-able container large enough to contain it all. Add the vodka on top and seal.

Strawberry and pineapple infused vodka! This looks like a winner for a dinner party!!

Strawberry and pineapple infused vodka! I will infuse the pineapple with vodka for 2 weeks. Then added the strawberries for 6 days & place in the refrigerator.

Strawberry Basil Vodka | 15 Last-Minute Infused Alcohols To Show Someone You Really Care Comes with 3/2/1 day cocktails.

15 Last-Minute Infused Alcohols To Show Someone You Really Care

Make happy hour feel fancy with this easy strawberry basil-infused vodka! Perfect for the Festival season.

Infused Vodka.Com.    For Vodka Parties, Canisters and Spigots to order.  Plus lots of party ideas.

Make your own flavored vodka: easy, simple directions for a wide variety of flavors. I usually add more sugar myself, but that's personal preference. I want to make more in mason jars for gifts!

Infuse your booze: Making your own flavored vodka and rum

My inspiration for this project came to me while perusing the aisles at a liquor store, debating on what to bring to a friend's upcoming party.

grapefruit tarragon infused vodka

$100 Giveaway and Grapefruit Tarragon Infused Vodka

grapefruit tarragon infused vodka-winter weekend to do

Cranberry and Orange Vodka

Cranberry & Orange Vodka: A spiced-version could be made with some cinnamon stick & nutmeg.

One of my favorite ways to preserve the flavors of summer is with infused vodka…

Infused Vodka - Pour some fruit or berries in a jar + vodka, rum or gin, let it soak at least 3 days, remove fruit from infused bottle! Great way to make seasonal fruit flavors last all year, and remember to savor your vodka infused berries!