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This Silent Rooftop Turbine Could Generate Half of Your Home's Energy

Another important urban survival tool...

awesome bandana

Brilliant!! "We have rounded up some innovative things that people could actually use."

This is the best thing

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Nano Quad Micro Quadcopter - World's Smallest RC Drone. #NanoDrone #NanoUAV #UAV #Drone #Aviation

Tactical Holiday Stocking | ThinkGeek

Christmas Vacation You Serious Clark Funny by TheOystersPearl

So true...

Romance Pants! To woo da wife. Pants that dim the lights and turn up the stereo when the fly goes down. She will swoon [read: roll her eyes at me and say, "oh, brother..."]

Manhattan Edit Workshop - Padcaster Lenscaster combo - shooting, editing, and producing HD video all on the same box!

Canon Retro Cinema

Padzilla 'Too' Crunchy Logistics - Largest iPad ever using Gesture Recognition

Short Staff

In a weak world economy where everyone is trying to be conservative with cash, new architectural projects go unbuilt more often than not. That doesn’t stop architects from designing incredible structures, though – it only means that they have to come up with slightly more creative ways of sharing them with the world. The Dutch [...]

Steampunk Corkscrew. yes, Yes, YES! A thousand times YES!