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    Rain Jar 1. Heat water in microwave till steaming 2. Place in glass jar, cover with plate 3. After a minute or 2, put ice cubes on plate and watch the condensation slide down (acting as rain)

    Fun Science for Kids- Make a tornado in a jar! To make a tornado in a jar you will need: ~ A jar ~ water ~ a squirt of dish soap ~ one teaspoon of vinegar ~ food coloring and glitter are optional

    tornado in a jar (hmm I might can use this in a Sunday school lessons about the storms of life :) might just keep this in mind lol)

    Rosie loved the snow storm in a jar activity that we did last year.  Given that we just got a real snow...

    Clouds in Jar- preschool. water with shaving cream on top (clouds) then pour colored water in a droper on top the clouds and watch as it goes thru the cloud and into the water...Good site on preschool stuff

    How To Make A Cloud In A Jar - science for kids. This is a fun and really simple science experiment for kids.

    put legos in liquid soap for boys... for girls, use barbie shoes!! Great birthday party favors or for child's bathroom.

    Great idea to do with your kids. Create a family jar of activities to do. Pick one each Saturday and go where the paper tells you!

    Make a CLOUD! Fun science activity for kids. For younger children, this will have to be a demo (aerosol hairspray or blown out lit match is needed in a glass jar), but the children can still observe and record their Scientific method steps and can 'touch cloud' afterwards! :)