My favorite Marvel hero


Colossus vs Juggernaut


✭ Colossus by Jimbo Salgado


Colossus by uncannyknack on deviantART

Colossus & X-Men

All 15 are dead on. Cyclops is worthless.

X-Men First Class Wolverine & Colossus Poster

The X Men are a group of mutants who live in a society where racism and stereotypes are no longer inflicted within the human race but instead collectively against anyone who does not possess human characteristics or even the slightest inclination that they may be different.

X-Men | Artist: David Finch

X-Men by David Finch

Ultimate Colossus by on @deviantART

X-men First Class

Uncanny X-Force Art by Khary Randolph and Emilio J. Lopez

The Amazing Spider-Man // artwork by J. Scott Campbell and Rick Hiltbruner (2004)

Strong Sultry Superheroines (UPDATE) - Stanley Lau Digitally Paints Famous DC Comics Females (GALLERY)

Colossus - Piotr Nikolaievitch "Peter" Rasputin Marvel Comics Art

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Colossus of Russia