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Secret room! Bookcases mounted on French doors - this is way too cool to forgetfor my next house!!

Charles & Hudsonfrom Charles & Hudson

Create Storage & Intrigue With A Secret Door

Replace a closet door with a bookcase door....BRILLIANT

Oddeefrom Oddee

10 Coolest Hidden Doors and Secret Passageways

Hidden door.

Little door from the garage to the pantry- for unloading groceries...absolute genius! Great escape door too!

Secret bookcase door at the end of the hall - In many new houses, the hallway continuing beyond the door would be an immediate giveaway that there was a door there. In older homes, things have been moved around so much that people would think less about it.

Glideware - Easily slide your cookware out of the cabinet for handy access. Small kitchen organizing.

Hidden Doors, Secret Rooms, and the Hardware that makes it possible! - Fine Homebuilding

theCHIVEfrom theCHIVE

Secret passageways and hidden doors are cooler than normal doors, just sayin.. (20 photos)

Hidden Doors and Secret Passageways

Hidden reading room - love the idea of old school hidden rooms and corridors and fake wall/doors and I think Zack would get a kick out of it, too! A secret hiding place to show his friends ^_^

Zillowfrom Zillow

Columbus Home

Hinged doors (bookcases) to go into a hidden room.

The Berryfrom The Berry

Sunday brunch (60 photos)

Laundry Room

What do you think of this secret room under the staircase? We have more secret room ideas for you at Share your thoughts in the comments section.

Great way to do store the folded laundry and carry to room!! I could assign each child a basket and have them put their clothes away. Of course it will be a few more years before the little ones could do it on their own. Great concept