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Building It Up and Giving Some Support

As the heat of the summer grows (or slowly ebbs and flows), I start to see the results of my undone to-do list. In the garden the things you leave for tomorrow often end up in wildness, anarchy and...

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Looks sturdy and uses less material than it her options.

Another nice tomato trellis idea for next year's vegetable garden.

T posts and 14 or 16 gauge wire. T posts need to be driven into the ground about 2 feet to be sturdy. According to the guy that made this one, his posts have been 30 feet apart without a center support. Use foam covered twist ties to attach tomato stalks.

How to Build an Easy Tomato Trellis..Unfortunately, the cages and stakes you find at garden centers and big box stores never seem to cut the mustard. They work great for the first two months, but once the plants mature it’s almost a guarantee that the tomatoes will end up on the ground.

Square Foot Garden: Everyone with 6 square feet of space can create a raised garden bed. Mine is 4x8 ft, and has provided me with several zuchinni, eggplant, mini-peppers, and herbs such as basil and mint! So peaceful to look at and so satisfying to grow your own food.

trellis could be made easily with recycled materials. Love the shape and position framing building and long walkway.

garden trellis---make in the style of the string & bead spiderweb pin in the gypsy board