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Mungo Man, discovered in 1974, was an early human inhabitant of the continent of Australia, who is believed to have lived between 68,000 and 40,000 years ago, during the Pleistocene epoch. The remains are the oldest anatomically modern human remains found in Australia to date.

The Marlboro State Psychiatric Hospital - opened in 1931 in Marlboro, New Jersey but by 1979, 131 patients fell ill due to food poisoning, one woman, who escaped unnoticed for 48 hours, froze to death nearby, and a man was kept tied to his bed for 80 hours over the span of 5 days and died due to blood clots. Over 940 patients died and were buried with their graves marked with only numbers. It's no wonder spirits are restless and make themselves known here.

Graves of a Catholic woman and her Protestant husband, who were not allowed to be buried together. Roermond, NL, 1888 SAD :'{