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    Philip II of Spain, Husband of Mary I (1527-1598)

    3y Saved to House of Tudor


    • Amy

      NTK 2-a-Philip II-King Philip II of Spain inherited the throne from Charles V, the Holy Roman Emperor. King Philip II acquired Spain, the Netherlands, Italy, and the Americas from his father. His efforts to strengthen his control in the Netherlands caused resentment and opposition to which he responded by sending ten thousand troops to quell the rebellion. (Sarah Jane McDonald)

    • Brianna Maria

      Phillip II caused a lot of commotion during his 42 year reign. He had battled Protestant rebels, planned to invade England, sparked many battles and wars here and there.

    • Scott Mikeska

      Philip II King of Spain and King Consort of England. Born: 21 May 1527 Died: 13 September 1598. Consort of Mary I. Responsible for sending Armada against Elizabeth I in 1588.

    • LisaManzhosova

      Philipp II was King of Spain from 1556 and of Portugal from 1581. From 1554 he was King of Naples and Sicily as well as Duke of Milan. During his marriage to Queen Mary I, he was also King of England and Ireland.

    • Mireya Jimenez

      Philip II of Spain, was an absolute monarch meaning that he had power over everything. Philip was a very dedicated king, he did not joust nor hunted. He isolated himself and gave his full devotion to the government.

    • Nataniel Lovasz

      Philip II was King of Spain from 1556 and of Portugal from 1581. From 1554 he was King of Naples and Sicily as well as Duke of Milan. During his marriage to Queen Mary I, he was also King of England and Ireland. From 1556 to 1598 Philip II ruled the wealthiest, most powerful nation in Europe. He and his family were devoted to the catholic church.

    • Julie Duckworth

      Prince Philip II of Spain, Mary's husband. After Mary's death he pursued Elizabeth and was firmly rebuffed.

    • Gilda Lovera

      Philip II of Spain ruled the wealthiest, most powerful nation in Europe from 1556 to 1598.

    • Charlotte Hunyor

      Philip II of Spain (1527-1598). In addition to increasing religious disturbances in the Low Countries, which exploded into open rebellion in 1566, there were also Commercial disputes. The English Privateers, Sir John Hawkins and Sir Francis Drake, with the tacit support of Elizabeth I, started smuggling and slaving expeditions and raids against Spanish ships and territories from 1562 onwards The English also supported the Prior of Crato in his bid against Philip II for the Portuguese throne.

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    Philip II of Spain (1527 - 1598). King of Portugal from 1581 to his death in 1598. He inherited Portugal after the Portuguese royal family died out.


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    Philip Of Spain. It is said that Queen Mary I fell deeply in love with him even though only having his portrait.

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    Joanna of Austria, Princess of Portugal Joanna of Austria was the mother of Sebastian of Portugal, and later regent of Spain for her brother, Philip II of Spain.

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    Maria of Austria (or Spain), 1557.Daughter of Charles V, H.R.E. and Isabella of Portugal, themselves first cousins, she married her first cousin Archduke Maximiian, who would become Holy Roman Emperor. Sister of Philip II of Spain. Co-regent of Spain. Mother of Anna, queen of Spain (wife of her uncle Philip) and Elisabeth, queen of France.

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    Phillip II of Spain is connected to the Tudors in two important ways: (1) He married Mary Tudor, the older sister of Elizabeth I, who is known to history as Bloody Mary. They had no children. Some sources indicate that after Mary died, Phillip had his eye on marrying Elizabeth, but she wouldn't go for it. No wonder -- he wasn't exactly a loving husband to Mary. Then, (2) years later, Phillip sent the Armada to invade England and kick Elizabeth off the throne because she was a heretic (i.e., s...

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