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  • Amy

    NTK 2-a-Philip II-King Philip II of Spain inherited the throne from Charles V, the Holy Roman Emperor. King Philip II acquired Spain, the Netherlands, Italy, and the Americas from his father. His efforts to strengthen his control in the Netherlands caused resentment and opposition to which he responded by sending ten thousand troops to quell the rebellion. (Sarah Jane McDonald)

  • Patrick Mosquera

    Phillip II of Spain ruled Spain when it was at its height and was the wealthiest, most powerful nation in Europe, Was Devoted to the Catholic Church and brought harm to his enemies.

  • Nataniel Lovasz

    Philip II was King of Spain from 1556 and of Portugal from 1581. From 1554 he was King of Naples and Sicily as well as Duke of Milan. During his marriage to Queen Mary I, he was also King of England and Ireland. From 1556 to 1598 Philip II ruled the wealthiest, most powerful nation in Europe. He and his family were devoted to the catholic church.

  • Jacqueline Owens

    European Monarchy | King Phillip of Spain

  • Julie Duckworth

    Prince Philip II of Spain, Mary's husband. After Mary's death he pursued Elizabeth and was firmly rebuffed.

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Mary with her husband, Phillip of Spain. Her devotion to him was not matched.

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Mary Tudor married Prince Philip I of Spain & then said that she was pregnant. In the 9th month of her pregnancy she still hadn’t given birth. Mary’s answer? She issued a decree that God had told her that her child wouldn’t be born until all of the Protestants were punished. 2 months later, hundreds of Protestants were extra crispy, but there was still no baby. Her thin frame finally left the castle & ordered the Nation to never speak about the pregnancy again. #historicaltyranny

Phillip of Spain, Husband of Mary l. Grand Nephew of Queen Catherine of Aragon.

Pourbus, Frans the Younger (1569-1622) (workshop of): Isabella Clara Eugenia (1566-1633), Infanta of Spain, daughter of King Philip II. Before 1605

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Armor made by Pompeo della Cesa, Italian court armorer to Philip II of Spain, for use in tournaments fought on foot over a barrier, 1590 CE, Philadelphia Museum of Art

Anne of Austria, Queen of Spain (1549-80), Wife of Philip II of Spain (1527-98), by Juan Pantoja de la Cruz (Spanish painter, 1553-1608)

Joanna of Austria, Princess of Portugal Joanna of Austria was the mother of Sebastian of Portugal, and later regent of Spain for her brother, Philip II of Spain.

Marie Louise of Parma, granddaughter of Louis XV, who married King Charles IV of Spain.