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Sunburn Relief Remedies – Over 50 Soothing Treatments This is a large collection of home remedies compiled to help with sunburn relief, there are over 50 soothing treatments to review. At the bottom of this post you’ll find some information about signs to watch for when determining if medical attention is needed as well as blister care and signs of infection.

Sunburn Soak: To relieve (or remove) a sunburn soak a couple earl grey tea bags in water and let soak until the tea is dark black. Dip a rag into the tea and dab on your sunburn. Continue to reapply as the tea dries. Do not wipe off. Allowing the tea to sit on the burn over night and wash off in the morning. The burn should be barely visible if not gone completely.

Home Remedies for Sunburns—includes recipes for a Yogurt Mask, Lavender-Baking Soda Bath and an Aloe-Green Tea-Lavender Mist

20 Natural Sunburn Cures - Heal and soothe even the most sun-scorched skin with these home remedies

relieving sunburns. I thought I would tan but a little burning happened to. #sunstayaway #improtected #sunburntreatments ☀☀

sunburn remedy--combine black tea bags and warm water in a picture. let the water cool, then use a rag to put the tea on your skin. don't wash it off, and apply as many times as you want (more is better). wash it off in the morning. you can also apply the wet tea bags directly to your skin.

15 Bee Sting Home Remedies.... it doesn't mention the remedy that I always use - open a new can of Coca Cola and pour some on the sting - the pain is gone within seconds!

Get Rid of Sunburn using Black Tea! Finally found something against sunburns!! Soooooo HAPPY :D