Holiday Snob: Ding Dong the Witch is Dead! (or smooshed witched legs on my front porch for Halloween!)

place to buy Glass Milk Bottle | 5.5" - perfect for dressing up w/vinyl. just look how cute these ones are!

Leave your brooms at the door! Love it!

How about a pair of witch shoes? This is one of the best ideas ever. See how they are done.

Cute idea....

Witch-don't text and fly!! :D

mannequin legs, tights, shoes....ha ha, cute! We gotta find us some legs!

Love the legs... :)

Witch legs hanging in the fireplace!!!

Pool Noodle + Dollar Tree tights and old black shoes = Ding Dong the Witch is Dead!

If I can find mannequin legs, I'm making this witchy Halloween display for my front porch.

Great Halloween idea-Witch's Shadow. I saw something similar to this in my neighborhood a few years ago. But instead, the shadow that was cast was of a witch riding her broom.

front porch decor

wicked witch wreath

Halloween, Front Porch

Wicked Witch's Inn


Drink Up Witches!

DIY Halloween: DIY Make your own Witch Brooms and Halloween Signs: DIY Halloween Decor

Floating witches hats, love it! Definitely adding this to my Halloween Decor ideas this year!