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Touching whenever you can...holding hands on a walk...locking arms while shopping...putting a hand on the knee while driving...DIY Love

‘I think a inch separated our mouths. I could sneeze and accidentally crush my lips against his. Damn it, why wasn’t my new nose ring making me sneeze?But no way was I going to purposely be the one to cross the line that seemed to be drawn in that inch of space. Crossing it would change everything. Extract from PRICE OF A KISS – the first FORBIDDEN MEN novel by Linda Kage. Chapter 11, page 130.

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101 Tips and Ideas for Couples Photography

101 Tips and Ideas for Couples Photography. I think the techniques learned could be used for the kids too!

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How to stay Happily Married for years!

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Annoying Girlfriend Habits That Guys Hate! Watch Out Girls!* #Relationships #Trusper #Tip

ARM AROUND YOU: The simplest poses can actually be the cutest ones. Take a photo while his arm is wrapped around your shoulders or waist. You don't have to do any fancy poses in order to look adorable. Just make sure that you give a sweet smile to the camera, or make a silly face if you're aiming for a more playful photo.