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    Here are some funny examples of people finding makeshift solutions for everyday problems.

    What It Really Means


    Photo bomb. Level awesome horned squirrel.

    roller skater...

    why is this so funny

    llama llama boing boing

    I will picture this everytime i hear this song now


    Seems legit

    jennifer lawrence quotes. i just love the things she says.

    Once I offered my seat to an older lady on the tube, she was very English too and didn't want to take it. I told her I was getting off soon so she said 'thank you' and took the seat. I then got off at the next stop, even though it wasn't my stop. I waited for the next train and got back on. Yep, I'm English.

    I laughed way too hard at this.

    I love RDJ.

    So right!

    laugh out loud Meme 253233_331817010225681_1644803158_n5881

    You can never have enough yarn.

    Honey, do you feel a draft?

    Farewell, shitty day ...I could bid farewell to half the week that way. Lol.


    Big bang theory

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