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Dog Reenacts Famous Movie Scenes – too funny! Kinda creepy but funny too

Not sure how much longer I have to live.

Laughing out loud, in my office, like a dumb ass.... I never laugh by myself but this is too good!

This looks and sounds like my Sophia!! Her nick name is Cujo!! I love her dearly, though.

16.For my first English class in high school I had to write a generic 5 paragraph essay. It took me a really long time to get the words I was thinking down on the paper. I struggled with making my writing flow there for at times it was hard to read.

this is me... pretty sure that was me after I pulled an all-nighter writing a 10 page research paper. I slept all weekend just to catch up on sleep. #collegekid

Some people will watch a movie to undwind. And some of us just go on Pinterest for 2 hours instead. | Confession Ecard |

that's...oddly specific. I just get this image of him leaping over the rail screaming "Sur-PRIIISSSE!!!"

I will never not repin! HAHAHAHAH XD

Thankful for you guys everyday! You know who you are :)