• Jes Doogan

    Im so busy lists absolutely rule my life

  • Mojo4Life -- http://mymojo4life.com

    Don't judge me. ~ I admit to doing this!!!

  • Karen Fava Hoben

    If this ecard exists then I'm NOT the only one who does this- and I DEFINITELY do this lol!!

  • Jessica Strawn

    OK, I have to admit I do this! ;) Here's hoping you get everything crossed off your list today!

  • Casey Ogburn

    I'm so embarrassed to admit this is TOTALLY me

  • Kelly McKeown

    Sometimes I write down tasks after I've done them, just to get the satisfaction of crossing them off my list. | Workplace Ecard

  • AlliGrace Story

    I do this a lot! "Oh! I put away that box. It wasn't on my list but I have to write it down then cross it off, just so that later I'll remember all that I've accomplished today!" All. The. Time.

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