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      How Cheap Gas Was - #AdultHumor, #FuckedUp, #Gas, #GasPrices, #Humor

    • Heather Griffith and Tyler Mathes

      i hope every one on the plane is ok... anyways, the gas prices should be lowered. yeah i know it's keeping the people from driving and ruining the planet but there is no excuse for gouging people for their money to pay for gas.

    • Shelby

      i have to admit, the first thing i looked at in this pic was gas prices not the huge plane lol

    • Ang

      Lol! The gas prices were the first thing I noticed too!!! Those were the days...

    • Bobbie Warren

      First thing I thought was that it was a funny place for a plane to refuel...

    • Hannalulu

      OMG how funny that my first thought was "damn look at those gas prices!"

    • Johnette Price

      This is not a laughing matter, but I just giggled.


      Seriously Funny Stuff...

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    I laughed so hard I snorted. This is possibly the dumbest thing I've ever pinned but I can't stop giggling.

    I probably shouldn't of laughed as hard as i did at this lol

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