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    Andrew Bird. If you want to be inspired and have the patience to listen to a 10-min song-listen to Beyond The Valley of Three White Horses. Made me feel: a;lkdjfa;lksdja;flksdjf;alksdjfa;lksdjfa;lksdj f ;alk sdjflaksdjflkasdjfl;aksjdf;lkasdjf;lkaj!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for sharing this with me, Andrew.

    "and she says, i like long walks and sci-fi movies, if you're 6 foot talk and east coast bred..." Andrew Bird

    Andrew Bird. Heard about him in August of 2012 at a movie theater. Been in looooove since.

    Andrew Bird. Incredibly talented musician. I love his albums Noble Beast and Armchair Apocrypha ("Dark Matter"! "Heretics"!) but I've been listening to his earlier work a lot lately. Oh! The Grandeur and Thrills are AMAZING. I should write an essay about Andrew Bird too...

    Andrew Bird. New of him a ways back, and I'm getting into his music more and more as of late. Simply brilliant looping, incredible ideas in his songs, and his pitch accuracy on the violin (and whistling!) is mind-boggling.

    andrew bird. chicago native.

    Andrew Bird poster by Daniel Danger