Helpful Hints for Gardening: 35 Pest, Disease and Weed Remedies--green and safe

How to Use Coffee in the Garden- Great gardening ideas, tips and tricks for using coffee grounds in your ground! #Container_Gardening #Garden_Decor #Garden_Decor_Ideas #Garden_Design

Use cinnamon as a substitute for rooting hormone. It also kills fungus and bacteria at the same time. I will never buy Rootone again : )

The Many Benefits of epsom salt for organic gardening | Gardening with Epsom Salt, according to this page it is good for all vegetables, flowers, trees, fruits and more.

Baking Soda Spray for Tomatoes to stop fungal infections and tomato blight

Homemade all natural and non toxic bug spray. I am curious to see if this works

ROSE SPRAY-helps prevent diseases such as rust, blackspot, and powdery mildew. Mix together: •1-tablespoon baking soda •1-teaspoon mild dishwashing detergent •1-tablespoon vegetable oil •1 dissolved aspirin Add: •1-gallon water Mix together and pour into a spray bottles. Spray roses every 1-2 weeks.

Leaf Diseases on Plants

It’s time to throw out that “Miracle Grow”… If you’re serious about making your garden healthier and more organic, by reducing (or completely eliminating) the need for chemical pesticides and fertilizers, then here’s a secret “brew” that literally anyone can make at home to take their organic gardening to the next level. It will help to dramatically improve the growth rate of plants. It will help to reduce common plant pests and diseases. It’s quick, easy and cheap to make...

Spiders hate peppermint! Put some peppermint oil in a squirt bottle with a little water and spray your garage and all door frames. - interesting!I knew it helped keep mice away but i didnt know it worked for spiders too, ill have to try it # Pin++ for Pinterest # great-ideas

Homemade weed killer. Safe for use around pets & kids! Works like a charm!!! Way better than the expensive toxic stuff

Horta em casa – 5 Erros que cometemos

Getting rid of ant colonies, I must try this...

I love humming birds!

Find out the best ways to care for roses this summer.

How to get rid of Squash Bugs

Continuous Cilantro growing method

Add 1 cup milk to 2 cups water and spray on rose leaves with a handheld sprayer to protect from black spot

organic pest control recipe site

How To Start a Ladybug Garden! The benefits of having ladybugs in your garden include being able to cut back on pesticides and ridding your flower beds of aphids and other insect pests.