Sati Zech (German, b. 1958))

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Junko Oki.


Christine Mauersberger

striped thread, British Museum image

Repair | Stitching detail | Color しょうぶ学園― ものづくり、アート、創造性 ― その1 好きなものをつくり、幸せでいること 鹿児島の障がい者施設から | アネモメトリ -風の手帖-

automatic stitch 9 by Junko Oki not sure what it is since her site is in Japanese, but I love it anyway

Circles and blocks

Soft Sculptures at Stitch and Tickle

What an artist can do with a scouring pad from the grocery store. Sophie Truong does her magic!

Junko Oki (Woky Shoten). Japanese stitch artist extraordinaire

roanna wells

Red Stitches

Amazing Stitch work by Roanna Wells. LOVE IT.

Million Little Stitches: Mineral


Jude Hill

Samantha Cotterill

Debra Weiss - Stitch Work #2