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Mary Stuart

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  • Charlotte Hunyor

    In April 1587 Queen Elizabeth I executed her rival to the English throne, her cousin Queen Mary Stuart of Scotland and France. A bitter conflict, played out over twenty years, between the two women on personal, political and religious grounds was concluded.

  • Lyanne Fitzpatrick

    This day in history Mary queen of scotts is executed. After 19 years of imprisonment, Mary Queen of Scots is beheaded at Fotheringhay Castle in England for her complicity in a plot to murder Queen Elizabeth I. In 1542, while just six days old, Mary ascended to the Scottish throne upon the death of her father, King James V. Her mother sent her to be raised in the French court, and in 1558 she married the French dauphin, who became King Francis II of France in 1559 but died the following year...

  • Ashlie Jensen

    A 1613 depiction by a Dutch artist of the execution of Mary, Queen of Scots at Fotheringay Castle on February 7th, 1587. It also depicts the subsequent destruction of her personal belongings (left) to prevent them from being made into relics by her followers.

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Mary Queen of Scots being led to execution early on the morning of February 8, 1587.

Mary Queen of Scots at execution

Mary, Queen of Scots last letter, written February 8, 1587

"Mary, Queen of Scots, age 9" I have never been quite convinced that this is Mary--Mary had a long, narrow, beaky nose (not unlike her cousin Elizabeth's) and this lady's nose is positively snub! If it's Mary, it certainly doesn't look like the Clouet portraits.

A VERY beautiful glove for the left hand, worn by the unfortunate Queen of Scots on the morning of her execution.

Mary Tudor (Bloody Mary) earned for having had 300 people burned at the stake (in three and 1/2 years) in her religious persecutions to restore the Roman Catholic Church's place in England. Mary was Elizabeth I's older sister. Mary was the daughter of King Henry VIII's first wife, Catherine of Aragon,

portrait of Mary, queen of Scots Such an interesting person and such an amazing story. Elizabeth always gets the good press, but my family supported the Stuarts.

Mary Queen of Scots was one of the most fascinating and controversial monarchs of 16th century Europe. At one time, she claimed the crowns of four nations - Scotland, France, England and Ireland. Her physical beauty and kind heart were acknowledged even by her enemies. Yet she lacked the political skills to rule successfully in Scotland. Her second marriage was unpopular and ended in murder and scandal; her third was even less popular and ended in forced abdication in favor of her infant son...

forbiddenalleys: Family tree of Mary Queen of Scots, c.1603

Mary Queen of Scots 1542-1587 - (Mary Stuart or Mary I of Scotland) was queen regnant of Scotland. Mary spent most of her childhood in France whilst Scotland was ruled by regents, and in 1558, she married Francis, Dauphin of France. Vivacious, beautiful, and clever, Mary had a promising childhood. She was considered a pretty child and later, as a woman, strikingly attractive. She was a favourite with everyone, except Henry II's wife Catherine de' Medici.

This is the rosary thought to have been carried by Mary Queen of Scots to her execution

Probably "Unknown English Lady, school of Larkin" c. 1580 and probably not Mary Queen of Scots. Comparison to the undoubted Mary of Clouet would seem to make the connection doubtful just on the basis of the subject's appearance.