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In-ground Trampoline. Would love to do this in my back yard!

If ur kids fall out of the trampoline, do this! You dig a hole in the ground the size of the trampoline. Then u just put it in there, and ur kids can fun! (Without Falling!

Pool side rock climbing wall!

Rock-climbing wall for your pool. Rock-climbing wall for your pool. Rock-climbing wall for your pool.

My childhood dream was and still is to have a Trampoline and a pool in the garden!!  How cool is that?

"Pool disguised as pond with in ground trampoline in place of a diving board! yes, please. This is my idea of an in ground pool." -- I don't like the disguised as a pond idea but I LOVE the trampoline idea!

Nachmittage auf dem Spielplatz ;-)

Play area under the adult treehouse. Would love this behind the house. Looks natural, fits into the backyard decor, and fun for grandchildren.

Hydro floors: the floor sinks and a pool appears...see my Videos for outdoor pool on same idea...

Climate-Friendly Sunken Pool Converts into Radiant Floor Here’s a truly glamorous idea for a pool. A sinking pool! The apparently permanent stone floor in this room literally slowly drops to reveal the pool underneath. ummmm Coolest thing ever.

Slide into the basement....how cool is this for the kids?!

A slide into the basement playroom. How awesome would that be to have in your house!<---ummmm why did my parents not do this to our basement? Should do for Valerie if we ever have a house with a basement and is still in the playroom age lol

For the Kiddos... Pvc painted and mounted to 4x4 post. pouring pebbles or sand down it makes fun sounds

Simple DIY backyard toy- Pvc painted and mounted to post. pouring pebbles sand, water, and more is so FUN! Makes fun sounds too Great for Gulf Shore EYC's outdoor play area!