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My Favorite Restaurant w/mom: the Hamburger Train on Queens Blvd, with a counter RR train that delivered your food! My mom & I were eating there when Kennedy was assasinated in Nov. 1963; we heard it on the radio, and walked out onto a totally silent street...


The perfume I always associate with my mom, as she gave me a small bottle of it on my 16th birthday- & it's still my favorite perfume, too!


Cool Mom Travel Mug. Fun travel mug featuring a classic quote from the movie Mean Girls: "I'm not like a regular mom, I'm a cool mom". #GiveYourHeart


Best advice mom gave me: "being a soldier (AND shooting, fishing, & golf) is the most fun you can have with your clothes on". All true!

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5 Pinnable Quotes About Mom For Mother's Day

5 Pinnable Quotes About Mom For Mother's Day, thank you @Tara Block #GiveYourHeart


My 91 year old mom is a VERY good bowler! Average 165. Really. (She won the Sr. Olympics for golf AND bowling a couple of years ago in D.C.!) And I'm trusting I have her genes!


Mom's favorite desert- which we made often- was old-fashioned "boil to the soft-ball stage" fudge, from the Settlement Cook Book! If we cooked it too long it would harden into a chocolate rock the pot, & if we didn't cook it long enough we had Fudge Soup! But it was always delicious & a lot of fun!