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    • Amanda Jane

      Golden Gate Bridge - opening day. 1937. I love the documentary about this bridge. Apparently it's one of the most sought out places to commit suicide in the world. Very sad. Pay It Forward... When crossing a bridge that charges a toll... pay for the person behind u as well. (Trying to make our world a nicer place) - Documentary/Photo Journalism Photography

    • sharron fisher

      San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge opening day May 27, 1937. Photographer, unknown

    • Campbell's Loft

      THE GOLDEN GATE BRIDGE OPENED ON MAY 27, 1937 (Golden Gate Bridge District) #goldengatebridge #blackandwhitephotography #filmphotography #goldengatebridge #sanfrancisco #bridgephotography #suspension

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    grooving Love this picture from Woodstock!

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    Always loved that!

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