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What the...? Undeterred, the hopeless romantic plants a peck on his distinctly unimpressed lover

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Because I'm worth it! Handsome stallion flicks long shiny locks as if he is auditioning for a shampoo advert

Why, hello there.

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Cheeky monkey! Infant macaque shows he loves the camera by sticking his tongue out at wildlife paparazzi

Are you looking at me? Staring directly at someone is an aggressive gesture in macaque society suggesting confidence

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The owls think it's a hoot, the cat finds it a-mew-sing and the wolf is howling with the chuckling animals in on a hilarious joke


Baby Pygmy Hippo 2 7 Newer Older Kambiri, the new baby Pygmy Hippopotamus at Taronga Zoo, Sydney.

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Almost human: Photographer's intimate studio portraits that show wild creatures making unnervingly similar gestures to us

Very personal: Two apes enjoy an intimate moment together

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Morning world: Caddy the wombat baby greets the world from her home-made pouch

Caddy sticks hear head out but does not seem to be pleased about being woken up and seems to 'shoo' away the photographer in an attempt to retreat back to the warm pouch

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Open wide! Brown bear shows incredible dexterity to catch flying mackerel with its mouth

Success: Jelizar is finally rewarded for his efforts as he snares a fish in his jaws #cheetah #love #couple #africa #safari #wildlife #travel #kiss #bigcats #animals

First kiss /// This is just so cute. A loving mom plops a kiss on the baby's head. I love the baby giraffe's flat ears! NC &:) ///

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Ger’off! I’m having my picture taken: Dogs show their playful side in super-cute portraits


orangutan kisses @Amanda Snelson Snelson Wagstaff For your mom :)

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Survival of the fiercest: Wildebeest takes on 18ft killer crocodile... and there can be only one winner

Under attack: An 18ft Nile crocodile has targeted the young beast and is using its teeth to injure its prey, as well as its weight and strength to drag it beneath the surface