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Mucha The pen 1899 - inspiration

Thierry Cohen made these by combining the daylight pics of the cities and the pristine skyline of the desert at the same latitude, direction, and angle. He wants to show what city dwellers would see without all the light pollution

Disney princesses in oil - Heather Theurer

And in Rapunzel, the witch, after exiling her into the wild, knocks the prince off the tower to land in a briar patch. The thorns blind him and he wanders aimlessly through the wilderness. Until Rapunzel finds him and her tears bring back his sight.

Disney animations spliced with the actors posing for reference

Just some awesome people

Character design and concept development - Ethereal - robed, sci-fi, digital art,science fiction

Lord of the Rings meme - Just when Frodo thought he was done with rings...

Neil DeGrasse Tyson mind blows Tweeter. LOL

Come on! I actually like wind turbines, but this would get those "it ruins the scenery" people to quiet down!

Sounds like something the Doctor would say. If he hadn't already, that is.

Flower exposed to radiation from Fukushima nuclear facility, Japan