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From 1899 to 1919. A genius develops. Einstein.

Albert Einstein. S)

Albert Einstein wearing fuzzy slippers.

Mark Twain

Mucha ~ The pen ~ 1899

Cities pure night skyline

Minimalist Posters, Geek, Science Art, Dna, Science Posters, Rocks Stars, Awesome People, Boys Room, Design

Character design and concept development - Ethereal - robed, sci-fi, digital art,science fiction

Well, that's depressing.

"If it's not Baroque, then don't fix it." -Cogsworth: Heather Theurer, Oil Paintings, Heathertheurer, Disney Princesses, Disney Art, Disneyprincess, Disney Character, Rapunzel

Can you taste the difference?

Soooo awesome. Disney animations spliced with the actors posing for reference… I love this so much it's not even funny. Movie magic!

Visual effect artists make the difference… I know that this is supposed to be all respectable and everything, and I really respect visual effects- but I think i'd still watch the non-visual effects just.. well to laugh at it really Laugh at how they look hahaha do you see some of them up there?? OHMYGOSH. And of course to realize how incredible visual effects are :D

The people of famous kiss! This is truly a wonderful picture!

Thats why its one of the best shows