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Seesaw, Korea Photograph by W. Robert Moore, National Geographic This Month in Photo of the Day: Vintage National Geographic Photographs Young women play on a seesaw in Korea in this 1931 image. As chief of the foreign editorial staff at National Geographic, photographer W. Robert Moore had a hand in nearly 90 magazine articles. He retired in 1967.

Exceptional collection of daily life photos from the 1970s by Kim Ki Chan [사진작가] 김기찬(金基贊, 1938-2005) - 골목안 풍경 : 네이버 블로그

Another wonderful picture of a 19th Century Exotic dancer, I love the shoes where the front looks like a horse's hoof!!!

Two young Chinese girls chat with each other in a moon gate in a courtyard of a Chinese home, 1932.Photograph by W. Robert Moore, National Geographic

Parisian Fine Art Photographer Vincent Bourilhon creates whimsical photography that sits on the border between dreams and reality. Through the use of graphics and digital retouching, Bourilhon creates stunning imaginary worlds that feature beautiful cinematic undertones and evoke a dream like experience though fully awake

Kisaeng, 1910 - Women entered the kisaeng class through various paths. Some were the daughters of kisaeng, who inherited their mother's status. Others were sold into the gijeok by families who could not afford to support them. Most such families were of cheonmin rank, but sometimes poor families of higher status sold their into the class. On occasion, even women from the yangban aristocracy were made kisaeng, usually because they had violated the strict sexual mores of the Joseon period.