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1902년 고종 즉위 40년을 기념해 광화문사거리에 세운 칭경기념 비전 주변. 장작을 진 소 2마리와 아이들로 보아 이 근처에 장작시장이 섰음을 알 수 있다./청년사 제공

Stilt Fishermen. Sri Lanka. South Coast. Weligama. 1995

Capturing a pivotal moment in history, or a fleetingly perfect composition, some Magnum photographs become icons. A small selection is available in the Magnum Shop. Stilt Fishermen. Sri Lanka. South C

King Gojong and the Crown Prince Sunjong, late 1880s, 13×9.4cm, Collection of The Museum of Photography, Seoul

#Sungryemun (숭례문) in #Seoul #SouthKorea. Photograph was taken sometime during the early 1900s.

[Korean tombkeeper and his daughter by statues at Yi king's tomb] Seoul, 1904. Willard D Straight/Early U.S.-Korea Diplomatic Relations, Cornell University Library [enhanced image]