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Pillsbury's Pieces No. 111 - necklace. Detail.

Pillsbury's Pieces No. 119 - necklace. Cream with caramel stripe and metallic orange capsules separated by gold glass beads on black leather. Detail is 3 Swarovoski crystal beads on copper coloured wire.

Pillsbury's Pieces No. 114 - necklace. Bright orange and chocolate brown capsules with silver metallic beads separating on bright orange cord. Detail: long silver glass beads on silver wire.

Pillsbury's Pieces No, 72, necklace. Caramel striped and cream striped capsules with separating gold glass beads. Multi-coloured glass bead on brown wire detail, on black leather.

Pillsbury's Pieces No. 74 - necklace. Bright orange and pale apricot capsules with silver glass beads on black leather. Detail is metallic orange wire with red, lilac and teal blue Swarovoski crystals.

Pillsbury's Pieces No. 110 - necklace. Pale apricot and metallic chocolate brown capsules with gold glass beads. Detail is 3 Swarovoski crystals (one pale yellow, one dark yellow and one chocolate brown) with chocolate coloured wire on orange cord.

Pillsbury's Pieces No. 70 - necklace. Dark green and metallic green capsules with green glass beads on black leather. Detail of green wire with green glass beads and pale green pearlised glass beads.

kate spade | necklaces for women - sea glass twisted statement necklace (this would be a nice addition for the summer)

PILLSBURY'S PIECES NUMBER 100 - necklace. Pale apricot and black capsules, with silver coloured metallic beads. Detail is handmade Italian square clear apricot glass bead with metallic square within, mounted using copper coloured wire. On soft apricot leather.

Pillsbury's Pieces No. 73 - necklace. Metallic pale apricot coloured and chocolate brown capsules with silver metallic beads on black leather. Detail is silver coloured wire with natural coloured "pearl", silver grey "pearl" and coral red bead.