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"The lotus pond in the palace of the summer." [Gyeongbuk-gong]. Percival Lowell photo ca. 1882.

"Outside the old palace wall around Seoul, looking toward Nam San." Percival Lowell photo ca. 1882.

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Gwanghwamun (광화문 (光化門))

Main Gate of The Old Palace, Ganghwamun(1882) - Percival Lowell / 고궁의 정문인 광화문(1882) - 퍼시벌 로웰

Percival Lowell and the three head members of the first Korean diplomatic delegation to the US, 1883, who helped engineer the 1882 Treaty of Amity and Commerce. From left: Min Yeong-ik, Lowell, Geo Gwang-beom, Hong Yeong-sik.