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    Geeky tattoo - that's funny!

    Perv test: A cute fuzzy doggy or...

    OMG! @morethanhuman. I die with laughter.

    Very good explanation.

    I'm in the blue portion.

    O. M. G. Next time was car BEFORE bending your girl over it.

    This made me literally LOL

    Aren't you that guy from Titanic?

    I'm dying laughing. I want Pi cake!!


    Uh huh.

    Ok, basic fat girl rule: Ass must be covered at all times. Don't care if those are leggings. Cover yo ass!

    Everytime I see this I think of @cvrdinfeathers booze bra!

    I freestyle all through the BD soundtrack, ask @nicekittyrawr!

    I won't lie, I've said this a few times in my head. #immabitch

    Sorry fandom, but this shit is funny!


    This fits for all my #h00rs!

    I have mad skillz like this!

    You bet your ass I have a list!