Wonderful Helioceras heteromorph ammonite! (what a curious & wonderful looking creature!)

Blue-ringed Octopus, Anilao, Phillipines ♥ ♥

There is no common name yet for this recently discovered and extremely rare translucent octopus. It normally lives at very deep depths, but the submersible that took this photo happen to find this one (2'6" in length) in shallower water at a depth of 180m/590ft. They are wonderfully transparent and the body parts that they can’t make transparent (like the eyes & digestive gland) are elongated & teardrop-shaped, so when it's horizontal they cast a minimal shadow against the lighted waters abo...


An amazing looking Octopus...Nature doing it's magic!

#DidYouKnow A baby octopus can be as small as your fingertip! #Animalfunfacts #Octopus #babyoctopus #Junglejim

The tunicates are very similar to sea squirts. They take water in through a large opening where nutrients are filtered out. The water is then expelled through another opening. Painted tunicates are about 3/4 inch long and commonly grow in colonies. They are found in translucent red, purple, and yellow colors. - Purple tunicates

Blue Clover Octopus

I will call him squishy and he will be my squishy ---Tiny Baby Octopus

Seahorse Birth, Amazing!



blue ringed octopus - most deadly octopus species


The Translucent Pelagic Octopus


Coconut Octopus. Awesome peacock blue colors with black edges on its nontraditional shaped arms, and spotted rust red patterns. -DdO:) - - lovely underwater sea creatures pin via Tina field.

Hawaii, Day Octopus by Dave Fleetham

World's cutest octopus!

Purple octopus