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    My question is: how is she gonna get outta that?

    People of Walmart.


    I feel terrible about it, but I laugh every time. I mean EVERY TIME. I keep wondering how many views until I stop laughing...but then her face.

    Meanwhile at Walmart...

    walmart TV baby sitting,,Yes the other day we went to our local walmart and one of the cashiers was on break in electronics sitting in the floor with her deli chicken and a drink taking lunch, i should have snapped a pic..and sent it to the store...ROTFLMAO


    HAHAHA!! He found a box of "Stickers" leave it to a boy! lol

    Funny Pictures at Walmart

    THIS lady has got real balls.

    The shower cap really pulls this look together.

    "Where did you take your wedding photos?" "Walmart."

    People who are having a worse day than you. okay I laughed way too much at this one!!

    Cancel, Cancel, Cancel funniest-pictures-and-videos

    They got out through the windows... What an excellent parking job you have there, too bad it's blocking half if the shopping cart return and that you'll have a hell of a time getting out.

    people of walmart

    Awkward pregnancy photo....I can't stop laughing the more I stare.

    Funny People Of Walmart Pic 1