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For this week's edition of the Definitely Prepared to Discuss Book Club Discussion Series I thought I was supposed to read Ralph Ellison's Invisible Man. I was wrong.

This makes two videos in a row in which I wear a NIck Cave and the Bad Seeds shirt and drink Sexy Betty Imperial Stout. No, I'm not a slob drunk; I simply recorded two videos in a row. Amanda Gowin's Radium Girls is all sorts of interesting. It's weird, it's heartfelt, it's wavering, it's beautiful, it's poetic, and it's a bunch of other things I can't think of right now because I'm tired. You should buy this book!

Want to know what I read in June and will be reading in July? Why?

I'm back with another convoluted way to destroy books. Once again I took to Facebook to ask for some suggestions about how best to destroy a book. This time: A goat. I'm with you, I never thought of a goat as much of a destruction machine, but apparently Amanda Gowin does. Watch as some very finicky goats refuse the delicious meal I offer them. Book destroyed: Radium Girls by Amanda Gowin. Buy it!:

A few days ago someone suggested I do more Wordless Book Review videos. I hesitated, mainly because it seems I've beaten that dead horse too much. But then I realized that I have access to a huge library of sound effects. Hence, Wordless Book Reviews: Sound Effects Edition. Books Reviewed/Sound Effected-ed: Save Your Own Life by Amy Sage Webb Swallowing a Donkey's Eye by Paul Tremblay Mafia Summit: J. Edgar Hoover, the Kennedy Brothers, and the Meeting That Unmasked the Mob by Gil…