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  • Whitney

    from 1937 textbook

  • Courtney Heard

    I present to you my grandmothers English book from Kansas in 1937, notice anything missing? - Imgur

  • Sowellread

    I present to you my grandmother's English book from Kansas in 1937 - notice anything missing? -

  • plasmaborne4rel
    plasmaborne4rel • 1 year ago

    Christians are all for traditional values except for those traditional values that prove the United States of America is a secular nation and/or that their Christian traditions are stealing other people's traditional values even destroying others traditions. Great example is the war on Winter Solstice where Christianity destroyed the traditions of others replacing it with their own superstitions. December 25 is the time of the Winter Solstice an event that celebrates a nature occurrence. That of the beginning of the lengthening of the days & the Earth tilting on it's axis to bring warmer weather to the northern hemisphere. It's not magic. It's nature. It's been scientifically analysed and confirmed. The Winter Solstice is known to those who study Science. Superstitious Christians are still celebrating a myth. Even after it's failed for over 2,014 years.

  • XandraAwesome
    XandraAwesome • 1 year ago

    Lol nice rant. Kinda preaching to the choir though. Lol

  • Des Cannon
    Des Cannon • 1 year ago

    The Proper version. Excellent!

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