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sycamore pendant 4

sycamore pendant 4

Blue Boy ...... Denise Laurent

painting of a selkirk rex cat 12 x watercolour/mixed media painting on paper SOLD This is Hennes, a gorgeous Selkirk Rex who belongs to Anja Maaßen. He’s painted in watercolour with ink, …

Lunchtime Maine Coon Cat Painting ...... Denise Laurent

portrait of a silver maine coon 11 x acrylic painting on paper SOLD This is Tezzie, a beautiful young Maine Coon who loves to be with people and especially loves the kitchen!

Denise Laurent

ARTFINDER: Peak A Boo! by Denise Laurent - I love hares and this one was a real character. I adore his big ears and his amazing whiskers! Cats can have stunning whiskers but hares give them a run for .

Windswept Tortie Cat In Watercolour

A tortoiseshell maine coon cat painting in watercolour

Stanley, the Whippet, by Denise Laurent.

painting of a grey whippet 16 x acrylic painting on Cornwall paper unframed Stanley is such an elegant dog. I love the way he’s sitting with his paws crossed. There’s a warmth in his…

Painted by Denise Laurent

Tabby Cat Art - Lick Me, A Signed Limited Edition Art Print by Denise Laurent

The Cushion Testers

a painting of three siamese cats inches acrylic on canvas board Unframed This is a tough job but somebody has to do it.