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Floyd Price-a regular employee at the Capture and Release division. Spineless, timid, and disconnected. He is good friends with John and Mary.

Jeremy Renner ~Jeans and sneakers. *in my Filipino accent* "My baybrrret".~

Jeremy Renner - age has done him well ;)

Jeremy Smiling and Wearing Black Striped Sweater, Blue Jeans and Black Leather Lined Jacket

Jeremy Renner. Love this! The Many Faces of Perfection.

oh baby you make me go crazy<-------Jeremy Renner is repulsive this statement is completely disturbing

Oh my God, i had to repin this! Wow!!!!! What is he listening to I wonder? something kick ass i bet :)

Yes, yes I'd like to do him today...and the next day...and the next for the rest of my life

Jeremy Renner - totally preshhhh lol